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📶 12 Small Changes You Can Make To Gain Personal Power

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What is personal power? It’s a state of mind. It is the ability to influence or change an outcome. It plays a big part in the ability to be happy, successful, safe and confident.

People with personal power don’t make others feel inadequate or unappreciated and don’t have the need to announce their qualities or accomplishments. They are comfortable in their own skin, believe in themselves and are confident in their beliefs. They also don’t get attached to others’ beliefs, opinions or accomplishments. There’s no jealousy or competition.

Personal power is silent. It’s someone who may be the smartest, richest, or most experienced in a room full of people and has no interest in proclaiming their status to anyone else. They are self-sufficient, internal and not in need of praise or acknowledgement.

What is it worth? It’s worth your self-worth. It’s worth your overall health, wealth and wellbeing. It will change how you experience yourself, how you impact and experience the world and those around you and your personal joy.


What is the cost of not building personal power? This list could go on forever.

  • Not having healthy boundaries causes defeat.
  • Never feeling ‘good enough’.
  • Exhausted from people pleasing.
  • Low self-worth.
  • Talking instead of doing.
  • Letting others determine your moods.
  • Live in a state of victimhood.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Lack of personal direction.
  • Self-Doubt.

12 Small Changes You Can Make To Gain Personal Power

#1 Get organized. I don’t mean just your closets, although that’s a big feel good when your belongings are in order. I mean your life. Decide what is important to you, what you enjoy, what and who brings you joy and add more of that daily.

#2 Stay grounded in yourself and your beliefs. Separate your true beliefs from your learned behaviors. Dump the learned behaviors and stand strong in your authenticity.

#3 See yourself as capable of all that you desire. No…wait a minute. No room for self-doubt. If you really want something for yourself, you have every right and every resource to bring it to life. Some take a lot more focus and determination, that’s all.

#4 Set yourself up for success. Make a plan. A BIG PLAN that has a start and a finish. Then set yourself tiny goals to reach the ultimate success. You may be focused on education, career, family, love, health, any and all of these at once. Make the plan and take baby steps daily to begin the shift.

#5 Communicate with confidence. Start believing in yourself. Confident speaking does not mean speaking forcefully. It’s about knowing who you are, what you believe and where your strengths are.

#6 SMILE! It’s not only contagious to others, but also uplifting internally.

#7 Listen to others. Listen to the accomplishments and experiences of others without adding your list of similar experiences. Hold the space for them. Be present to the conversation rather than just waiting to add your stories.

#8 Stop Complaining. Focus on problem solving rather than the problem itself. Tame the tongue. A tongue that flaps continuous has no control over itself. It’s vicious, wreck less and dis respective.  

#9 Forgive. Holding on to the past only hurts you and steals away your now. You are punishing yourself and blocking yourself from having joy in this moment. Why would you do that to yourself? Forgiveness is not saying that your being wronged or hurt is ok, it is letting go of the pain and anger to free yourself.

#10 Stop Stressing. Focus on all that you have control over and not on all that you don’t have control over. I’m going to repeat that. Focus on all that you have control over and not on all that you don’t have control over. That sentence alone will put stress in perspective.

#11 Stop the Negative Self-Talk. That’s the mind chatter, the BIG LIES that flow through your mind and at times, out your mouth. Negative comments that diminish you, put you in withhold, keep you playing small. A few examples: “I’m not pretty enough.” “I don’t know how.” “I’m not smart enough.” “Nothing good ever happens for me.” The list is never ending. STOP IT!

And #12 – CHOSE TO CHANGE! Being resistant to change puts the brake on the possibility of you. Make yourself a priority and chose to change.

One baby step at a time will evolve into a new, happy version of you.

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