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🏆 12 Steps For A Successful Relationship

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Last week I shared my ‘8 Simple, Proven Steps to Manifest Your Soulmate’.

The good news is, I gave you the basics to prompt thought and get you started.

The great news is, I finished another chapter today and the book is well on the way to completion!

This week I feel drawn to share information given to me from Life Coach, Dr. Carol McCall, Owner/Founder, Ph.D., Institute for Global Listening and Communication, LLC. Her ’12 Steps For A Successful Relationship’.

  1.  Tell the truth with compassion.

  2.  Address the conflict in the moment…speak about the discomfort, disagreement or the issue in the moment.

  3.  Resolve anger BEFORE going to bed.

  4.  Respect partner as 100% equal at all times.

  5.  Communicate all withholds as soon as you recognize the withhold.

  6.  Learn something new about your partner daily.

  7.  Renew your ‘vows’ every 6 months.

  8.  Have a weekly ‘date night’ (no matter what-no exceptions).

  9.  Take a couple vacation yearly (only with the two of you).

  10.  Participate in one of your partners’ interests.

  11.  Keep your promise(s) word (if you’re not going to do it, don’t say it).

  12.  Daily us the 3 A’s: Acknowledge, Appreciate, Acceptance.

In rereading these 12 steps, I find a deeper connection to each of them now that I am in my soulmate relationship.

My intention is to share them with my spouse.

We are aligned with most of the twelve already. #6 & #9 require attention and #3 I’m happy to say, we’ve not had any anger in our 5 years together.

This week’s action is to read through this list with your partner.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the demands and routine of life.

It’s healthy for the relationship when we are in alignment.

That’s my share for today! If you know someone that may be interested in listening in, please tag them in the feed and please, share this link on your page!

You can find me on Facebook & Instagram @thesoulsharmony or email mail me at [email protected].

See ya next Tuesday!

Much Love & Blessings,


Spiritual Mentor, Author & Teacher

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