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😱 15 Scary Signs That You're Living In A Personal Nightmare

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It’s almost Halloween. You know what is scarier than any haunted house or movie?

Living your own personal nightmare.

We’re going to get straight to the point this week. Here is a list of some of the signs that you are living in a personal nightmare.

Do you recognize any of this list of 15 in your relationship?

  1.  ABUSE: Physical, Mental, Emotional

  2.  Fear, Intimidation, Threats

  3.  Manipulation & Control

  4.  You are isolated you from friends & family

  5.  Jealous & Accusing

  6.  You feel drained around them

  7.  You experience self-doubt due to manipulation and words

  8.  Name Calling, Sarcasm, Criticism

  9.  You Experience Low Self-Worth

  10.  They Threaten Self-Harm

  11.  Everything Is About Them

  12.  They don’t respect your boundaries

  13.  You make excuses for them and explain away the negative behavior

  14.  Walking on eggshells around them

  15.  Your partner blames you for their lies, abuse and/or misbehavior

These are a few of the scary signs that it’s time for you to move on. Each of these show up in a variety of ways depending on the toxic person you are living with.

How can you detach from a toxic relationship?

First, recognize and face the truth about the toxic person you are spending time with or even married to. Your partner is not a ‘work in progress’. You cannot 'fix' them. You are not responsible or obligated to help them.

You are responsible for yourself and your happiness. Not someone else’s. Let that all go.

This is your life.

Then, make a decision to take care of yourself first by taking the action steps necessary to free yourself from the relationship.

Being in a toxic relationship is self-destructive.

It’s a never winning daily battle that is exhausting, painful on every level of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health and it leads you nowhere except into a deeper state of distress.

Tell someone you know what your plans are, surround yourself with safe people, seek professional help, cut off communication with your partner and find a quiet space each day that you can think, plan, even scream if that’s what you feel will move you forward.

I know, it’s not this simple.

I know because I lived in a toxic relationship. I hid in my own living nightmare for many years and wore the ‘Everything Is Fine’ mask. I was only fooling myself.

If you recognize these behaviors appearing in your life.

Reset. Make a plan for change.

Let Halloween be a funny season not a daily nightmare.

That’s my share for today!

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Much Love & Blessings,


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