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🕊️ 4 Step Spirit Guided Healing

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  When I first started my truth-seeking, self-healing adventure, I was given four, what seemed like basic, steps to follow to reach my full potential.

Listen To Your Heart…
Confirm Your Beliefs…
Bathe Your Colors…
Confront Your Demons…

 Applying this four-step process to every crevice of my life took planning and looking beyond the surface into the root cause of the interruptions that the human condition creates.

Here’s a brief description of each step.

  1. Listen To Your Heart -This means getting out of the head. The ego mind has one goal in life, that’s to be in charge to keep you distracted from present moment. The BIG distraction, aka monkey mind, the enemy, the devil, however you identify it, is challenging to control. A regular meditation practice, energy healing and being mindful of your words are all supportive in calming the chatter.
  2. Confirm Your Beliefs – Deciphering between our true beliefs and those that we have adapted through experience is challenging also. We learn from our environment, family, friends and peers, media, all that we are exposed to. It’s easy to let outside influences seem like they are true, especially when we see, hear and are exposed to them regularly. As we grow and heal the human, true beliefs become prevalent, and the learned behaviors start to seem unsupported. Peeling back those layers of drama will assist with separation and release of outside influences.
  3. Bathe Your Colors -The term “colors” relates to the spirit body. The spirit body holds the many imprints of our existence. “Bathing your colors” means clearing away the debris that does not serve, to create space for love and light to take its’ place. This is done through clearing out the negative energies that penetrate from the outside, as well as healing away the human from the inside out, leaving a clean, clear spirit body.
  4. Confront Your Demons - Ignoring them is the normal way of dealing with our demons. Turning the other way, pretending like all is well, smiling on the outside while screaming on the inside, meanwhile choking back our truths. Facing the painful facts that haunt us is scary. Depending on the depth of the attachment, confronting the demon is like a death to what we thought was our identity and starting over. The rebirth of self! Fear is a painful space to live. Shifting through the fear and into reality is a rewarding journey.

 This weeks’ action is to pick one aspect of your life that is not serving your highest good. Addressing one at a time keeps us from overwhelm and makes resolve manageable.

 Apply each of the rules one at a time to reveal your truth and the actions required to release and heal from the situation.

 What is the truth that your heart is speaking? There are many questions to ask yourself to completely clear and heal away the withholds created in life.

 Request guidance from your higher self, guides, Angels, God, whomever you prefer to connect with to assist you with receiving a clear answer.

 I welcome you to reach out to me as I’d love to guide you through the process. Here is a link to book a call with me directly.

 Continue the process as you remove layer by layer until you are free from the situation that does not serve you.

 Use this process for any topic, event, relationship, etc. as a guide to grow through the healing process.

 This Saturday the 27th, I will be hosting a Virtual Level 1 Meridian Enlightenment 'ME' Class which is a perfect pairing for this 4-step spirit guided healing.

 I know it continues to work for me each day.

 It’s normally a $67 self-study class.

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 Please click on the link for the short read and see if it resonates with you and I hope to see you on the zoom Saturday. I’d love to share this Angelic Energy with all of you.

 You can find me on Facebook & Instagram @thesoulsharmony, email mail me at [email protected] and learn all about The Souls Harmony on my website,     The Souls Harmony

  If you know someone that may be interested in 'Tuesday's with Tearhsa', please share the link with them!

 You can find me on Facebook & Instagram @TheSoulsHarmony, email mail me at [email protected] 

Until next week… thanks for sharing your time with me!

See ya next Tuesday!

Much Love & Blessings,


Spiritual Mentor, Author & Teacher

Until next week… thanks for sharing your time with me!

See ya next Tuesday!


Spiritual Mentor, Author & Teacher


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