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3️⃣ Quick Self-Care Tricks To Keep You Cheery Through The Holidays

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The holiday’s usually leave us exhausted mentally, physically and at times, emotionally.

Why does this happen?

One big reason is that we expose ourselves to and participate in so many different activities that we don’t typically do. For example, shopping, parties, visiting others, having people over and traveling.

All of these people and places are energy.

Extra energies that we aren’t used to. Also, the holidays bring additional thoughts and emotions which add another layer of energy.

When we come in contact with these foreign energies, we can easily take them into our energy field and if we don’t release them, we become exhausted, overwhelmed and maybe even physically sick from that draining feeling that happens.

Here’s 3 quick tricks to keep yourself centered and cleansed from all the extra energies that you experience. 

  1. While you are showering, take a minute to stand under the water and say out loud or in your head, “Down the drain, away from me”. Picture the water washing away all the energies that are not your own and are not serving you.

  2.  When you start to feel overwhelmed and/or confused, you know, that feeling you get when you just can’t get your breath, your heartbeat is pounding in your ears and your chest feels as if there are rocks laying on it. Take just a couple minutes for yourself. Stand or sit, in your car or in the corner of the room, even go hide in a bathroom if that works and then close your eyes. Now put you hand on your abdomen. Breath deep in through your nose. Concentrate of bringing the air down deep into your abdomen. You will feel your tummy expand once you get your breath down below your belly button. Hold the breath down for a few seconds then expel it completely out your mouth. Do this deep breathing at least 3-4 times or until your shoulders are relaxed and you have calmed your mind and body.

  3.  Another quick trick is to open and close your day with a positive verbal statement. For example, “Today is going to be a happy one.”, “I feel refreshed and ready for the day.”, “I am ready for a peaceful nights’ rest.” You can incorporate your statements into your morning/evening prayer and meditation too.

All three of these practices are simple, self-serving and will work for you and not just through the holidays. Just give it a try!

That’s my share for today!

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