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✨ 5 Tips For Unlocking Your Life's Purpose

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  Most of us spend years, sometimes a large portion of our lives, doing all the things that we 'think' we are supposed to do. Like getting an education, raising a family, having a job, all those 'normal' tasks that we are programmed to do. 

 Is this all fulfilling? Sometimes, sometimes not.

 Here's the good news! While all those 'normal' things hold value in your life, it is absolutely ok for you to live for yourself at the same time!

 Here's the great news! You can do all these things and still make yourself a priority!

 I’m going to share the first lesson of my ‘Live Your Life Purpose NOW!’ course with you today.

 By taking just a few minutes to answer a couple questions, you’ll discover what you want for yourself, why it's necessary for you to achieve your desired outcome and how you are prioritizing yourself currently.

 It is not important to know how you are going to get to your desired new self. Right now, the only thing that is important, is choosing to make a change for yourself.

 Remember my Dr. Sussish saying? Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

 And to create a change for ourselves, there must be a physical action involved or it’s all just a bunch of want to be thoughts.

 So, let's go… First, what do you want? Align with your heart and ask these questions.

1) How are you showing up for yourself in your daily life right now? I’m talking about you. Not what you do for the household, the family, your job, none of those things. I’m talking about your interests, hobbies, goals, desires for yourself, your dreams.

 Are you satisfied or incomplete & restless?

2) Who do you serve in your daily life ritual? List the top 3 with number 1 being the highest priority.

 Here’s the tricky part of this question. Are you on the list? If not, why?

 If you’re not on the list, your 'why' answers are the excuses and lies that the ego mind makes up to keep you distracted from being your true self and doing what you love every day.

3) What do you want to change in your life? Write down everything that you want to eliminate. All the people, things, tasks that do not serve your wellbeing and do not bring you daily joy. Then, jot down the vision you have for yourself. What is your desired outcome for yourself? I’ve shared in several weeks past that creating a visualization of the desired new you in the form of a movie is extremely helpful in reaching your goals. Create the movie and play it over and over in your mind.

4) Who will this positive change effect & how? No worries about how your elimination list will affect others, this is all about you and what you want for yourself. This is your time, your efforts & energy and this is your life to live the way you want.

5) This is another big question to ask yourself. How committed are you to making your change right now? On a 1 – 10 scale, 1 being ‘I prefer to stay in my familiar state’ and 10 being ‘It's My Damn Life!’ and I’m ready to make myself a priority!  What number to you give yourself?

 Take just a few minutes to answer these 5 questions for yourself. It will serve you well and this is an action step! By answering these 5 questions you will have already taken action for yourself, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the desired outcome you deserve!

 My "Live Your Life Purpose NOW!" Course will offer you the possibility to bring this all together quickly with a little effort from you if your committed to change. I’ll add the link here so you can learn more about it.

 If you know someone that may be interested in 'Tuesday's with Tearhsa', please share the link with them!

 You can find me on Facebook & Instagram @TheSoulsHarmony, email mail me at [email protected] 

Until next week… thanks for sharing your time with me!

See ya next Tuesday!

Much Love & Blessings,


Spiritual Mentor, Author & Teacher


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