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💑🏻 8 Simple, Proven Steps to Manifest Your Soulmate

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Given that yesterday was my 2nd anniversary, and my soulmate and husband gave me such a simple, heartfelt anniversary surprise, I had the thought of sharing some inside tips on how I found my perfect match.

First, a short share about us. We’ve been together for 5 years and we were married September 12, 2020. I knew right away that he was ‘THE ONE’ and remember the moment when I said out loud, ‘I’m gonna marry that man!”.

Yesterday, I had a very quiet day. I prepped material for quilts that I’m making most of the day. When Mark got off work at 5, we had dinner reservations. I thought maybe we go to the inlet and listen to some music, maybe stop to shoot a couple games of pool at our local watering hole, something that we both enjoy doing. Boy did I get a big surprise!

He had been planning and secretly gathering everything for a two-night stay at Huntington State Park nearby. We pulled into the park; at this point I’m thinking we might be having a romantic sit on the beach in the moonlight night.

We pulled into the campground area and there sat ‘Pearl’, our small camper, all lit up.

I get inside, there’s anniversary decorations, little battery-operated candles, wedding memories, he had packed food and clothes, played our wedding song list, left nothing out. We are spending a few days here and I had absolutely no clue.

Monster Surprise!

Ok, let’s just say it was a fantastical evening.

He is ‘MY GOAT’! (Greatest Of All Time-that’s a sports reference he taught me :-)

Ok, so here’s how I got such a perfect soulmate.

8 STEPS!  That’s it!

I am writing a short book called, ‘8 Simple, Proven Steps to Manifest Your Soulmate’. Today I’m going to share them with you.

Step #1 – Divorce Your Past – I had a tarot reading from a friend. The biggest takeaway I received was that as long as I stayed attached to my past, there was no room for my future.

Step #2 – Prepare For Your Soulmate – Clear space in your bathroom, closet, bedside, everywhere. Sleep on one side of the bed. Do all the things that you will do when you share your space.

Step #3 – Law of Attraction – I’ve read, studied and practiced the Law of Attraction for years. Spend a little time learning about how it works and apply the principles to your needs and desires. Do affirmation, meditate, put your energy into the Universe.

Step #4 – Write a Letter to God/Universe – Write a letter to God that outlines what you have to offer in a relationship, who and what you desire and deserve, go deep and throw it all out there. (Reference step #3)

Step #5 – Magic ME Audio – This one is something that manifested from my universe gifted Meridian Enlightenment ‘ME’ Energy Healing modality. I used my Spirit Team and Archangel Raphael’s White Light Healers that I work with to create a short audio recording. I listened to the recording over and over, day after day. You can use mine reach out to me or create your own based on your beliefs and prayer practices. Book With Tearhsa Link

Step #6 – Love Spell Ceremony – I wrote a really short, what I call, a love spell on a small piece of paper. I memorized this prayer/verse, went to the beach under the moon and set up for ceremony using the elements. I created my version of ceremony. Then I placed the written prayer, love spell, on my alter at home. It’s still there!

Step #7 – Write an Outline of Your First Date – This was so much fun for me. Get detailed. What your wearing, what you each feel, how you connect and experience one another, smells, everything. Be specific! Mark and I have a little chuckle about specifics that I’ll share in the book. (I shared the letter with him several months later.)

Step #8 – Create a Visualization – Final step. Create a mind movie of your life together. Again, with the details. Once you create it. Play it over and over in your mind's eye. Let it grow and shift as you play it over and over.

Well, that’s the 8 steps. For more details and guidance, you can book a call with me using this link and sign up below for updates and you will get the notice when my book is released!

That’s my share for today! If you know someone that may be interested in listening in, please tag them in the feed and please, share this link on your page!

You can find me on Facebook & Instagram @thesoulsharmony or email mail me at [email protected].

Happy Manifesting!

See ya next Tuesday!

Much Love & Blessings,


Spiritual Mentor, Author & Teacher

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