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🍾 Commitment, Comsh*tment - Are you in or out this New Year?

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When confronted with a challenge, the committed heart will search for a solution. The undecided heart searches for an escape. - Andy Andrews

This week we are talking about commitment.

It’s easy to commit to someone else and then there’s pressure to keep our word and follow through.

When we make a commitment to ourselves, it’s sooo easy to brush it off, postpone the act of doing, dismiss it away with excuses, there’s always a reason why not to follow through that is completely justifiable in our head. Right?

Well, it’s the New Year. This is known as the opportunity for a reset. The time when we set goals, make resolutions, envision our new way of living and being for the upcoming year.

It takes planning to reach these goals.

Saying “I’m going to go to the gym 3 times a week.”, saying “I’m going to eat healthier.”, saying “I’m going to learn to play the guitar.”

Saying these things out loud is step one to setting the energy into motion. The next step is making a reasonable, attainable goal to take action toward the goal stated out loud.

Starting with baby steps makes the goal more attainable. Starting full throttle, sets us up for disappointment in ourselves which leads to viewing ourselves as incapable or in lack.

None of that is healthy and it’s disrespectful to treat ourselves that way.

This week's action is to choose only one goal rather than overwhelming yourself with multiples.

If you set more than one for the new year, choose which one gets your attention first, second, third and so on and then schedule when you will be prepared to start the next one. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to meet the previous goal or if it’s a regular activity, give yourself enough time to develop the habit of going to the gym or eating healthy or practicing your guitar.

No matter what you envision for yourself, avoid putting yourself in to overwhelm.

My daughter & I, being the goof off’s that we are, usually laugh that our new year resolution is to eat more and sleep more. It’s almost guaranteed that we won’t let ourselves slide on those two.

Of course, that’s a cop out so I’ve already made my list of goals and I’ve set a date to get started and I’ve even made a plan for the top two.

New Year's Day for me is always an energetically calm day. I feel calm internally and externally on this day.

That’s my share for this week.

If you’d like support in setting your new year goals, schedule a call with me and we will do this together!

You can also find me on Facebook & Instagram @thesouslsharmony or contact me directly by email at [email protected].

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Happy New Year!


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