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ðŸĪŠ Declutter Your Life In 4 Steps

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Decluttering is about minimizing the chaos in your life.

By doing so, you have more time and energy to master unexpected situations and you’ll also be able to genuinely enjoy your favorite activities.

Is your time measurable? Do you live by the clock? Does the clock control you?

It does in many ways. There is a time to go to school, a time for work, a time to prepare dinner. There is a time to wake up and a time to go to bed. 

Then, there are other aspects of time: time to move on, time to get with the program, time for a change. 

How can you get the most out of the time you have? It is an important question.

Although the hands on the clock determine your schedule, there is still the time in between–your personal free time–and how your thoughts and attitude show up in those moments can make a big difference in how you feel. 

Time is broken down into segments like work, leisure, sleep and many others.

How you segment your day is up to you.

Yes, earning a living is important; maintaining relationships, feeding and caring for the body, etc. are as well.

However, there is no need to push so hard to fit ten hours of responsibilities into five hours of time. This is a statement that I should post on my forehead as well.

Instead, use your time in a way that flows naturally and brings balance and satisfaction your way. 

There must be balance. There must be breathing room.

If not, you become stressed, exhausted mentally and physically. Worse, you begin to drop the ball and end up disappointed in yourself.

The NOW becomes the future by worrying about how much time you have left to complete the long list of responsibilities and aspirations planned for each day. 

Use the brain dump technique to alleviate the moment-to-moment stress that sets in when the list of to-dos is long. Brain dumping is to make a list of tasks and thoughts to get them out of your head so you can focus in the now. Then, schedule the tasks in your schedule and deal with them at the allotted time.

It is also important to be flexible with your schedule whenever possible. Deviate from the plan and ask for help when necessary. Let me say that again with emphasis, “Deviate from the plan and ask for help when necessary”

Take a close look at how you segment your days, your weeks and weekends, the months, the years. Do you leave space for breathing, relaxing and “ME TIME”?

If not, it is time for a change. 

Are you enjoying each segment of your day? 

Do you spend more time in front of the TV or your computer or on your phone than you do enjoying your hobbies? 

Is it time to switch out your exercise program or start a new one? 

Find the imbalances and time thieves and make the change. 

By decluttering your time and enjoying the time you have, you will create a happier, healthier, balanced you. By logging your time, you can easily look back to see where you have spent it all. You can also use time logging as a tool to help with delegation, elimination of unnecessary tasks and rearranging schedules to feel more balanced.

Here’s a quick start to get you decluttering.

  1. Keep Track of how you spend your time currently. Keep a daily log of the task or event, time of day & length of time dedicated.

  2. At the end of week, do a review. What is on your list that you can delegate to others? What did you spend your leisure time doing?

  3. Make a list of who you will be delegating tasks to and when you will be talking to them and releasing the tasks.

  4. Rearrange your schedule, eliminating the delegated tasks and time wasters and adding in quality ‘ME’ Time.

Rinse & Repeat

Continue this weekly evaluation until you have a schedule you like. Leave space for the unexpected and spontaneous fun!

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See ya next Tuesday!

Much Love & Blessings,


Spiritual Mentor, Author & Teacher 

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