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πŸšͺ Eeek! There’s Skeletons In Your Closet! - Want to kick those agonizing past memories to the curb? Start this simple practice today to set yourself FREE!

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We all have skeletons in our closets.

We all have past memories that the mind keeps replaying over and over, making us feel like crap and like we are unworthy.

One of the devil minds' tricks is to keep us bound up in our past.

If we stay there instead of in our NOW, we surrender complete control and are lost, unable to experience our true selves and the true meaning of our lives and reasons for incarnating to begin with.

How can we connect with our All-Knowing when the thoughts are focused on past events?   

We can’t! It’s impossible.

Ya know what exists in the present moment?    

Truth…………. that’s all. The truth.

The past isn’t happening now and neither is the future.

True control of self lies in the NOW, the present moment.

It’s time to clean out that closet and kick the past out of your NOW.

As with all healing intentions, there are multiple ways to achieve a healing release.

One practice I teach in my "Its My Damn Life! - Master A Powerful Mindset" Course is to list the event, circumstances, and people (yourself included) that have muddied your thoughts and weighed on your heart.

Next, write an intention to use as you release each.

For example, “I recognize (fill in the name) as a participant in this situation. I release all attachment of emotion, surround you in love, and free myself completely.”

Visualize the emotions and the words floating up and away from you.

When you’re done and have performed the visualization for each item on your list, tear out this page and burn it. This removes it from your reality.

Don’t forget to recognize your role in the drama cycle and release yourself also.

Use this affirmation for support... "Loving My NOW! What I perceive to be true, is true for me.”

Use this practice over and over for all that clouds up your thoughts and weighs on your heart. It really will work! Getting rid of the past opens up a brand-new space for you to create something new and exciting for yourself!

If you are a "Meridian Enlightenment ‘ME’ Energy Healing" Student, this is an opportune time to perform a healing session to support the release or you can book a ‘Sacred Soul Alignment’ Session with me and we will work on it together.

This is a portion of lesson 10 in my “It’s My Damn Life! - Master a Powerful Mindset” course.  If you’re unsure, schedule a FREE Chat and we can connect in person.

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Many Blessings!

Tearhsa Wilder

Spiritual Mentor, Teacher & Author

The Souls Harmony

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