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🤥 Evicting the BIG LIE!

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 The ego mind of destruction makes up lies continuously. It convinces you that you are incapable, too busy, it judges you and others, it makes up stories and twists words, actions and replays them over and over in the mind. It is brain washing you into beliefs that are not true. 

This is the challenge of the human experience. Part of the goal here in earth school is to overcome the lies. 

These lies block you from your true beingness, from your Divine Self, from living and breathing every moment doing exactly what you love.

To live in alignment with your desires and divine soul blueprint, stopping and reversing these lies is essential.

The first step to expose the number one lie that blocks you from living your life purpose is to write down exactly what your personal desire for yourself is.

Next, what is the thought form you have made up that you continually tell yourself that blocks you from your desired outcome? ex "I don't have the time.", "I have too many people counting on me.", "I'm not smart enough.", "I'm too old now.".

Write out the exact words that you say to yourself mentally that keeps you from pursuing your desires for yourself.

Reversing the statement, write an opposite, positive statement. Whether you believe it now or not, write it with conviction to begin changing your belief.

Retraining the brain into a new pattern changes the outcome for you.

Transformation begins by changing your beliefs. Make the decision that you are capable of being this change, say it out loud continuously and feel your energy shift.

 To continue finding and living your divine purpose follow this link for more guidance:

Live Your Life Purpose NOW!

 Remember, without a physical action nothing will change. And it takes 21 days for this change to begin to stick.

Start now!

 It will only take a couple minutes to write down a personal desire for yourself, then write down the thought form that you use as an excuse to not get started. It may be something you say out loud or in your head or both. Lastly, reverse that thought and write down the opposite in a positive statement to be repeated over and over to shift the energy and make your desire a reality. 

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