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🆕 Healing Through Resistance

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Joy in my early days used to mean a girl that lived down the street.

In my teenage years it meant a good joint and in my 20’s, 30’s & 40’s it was a foreign word that only applied to the imaginary characters on the Hallmark Channel, which I decided was so out there that I never watched them.

In hindsight, I was in denial.

Denial that this was really available, and I could actually reach a full potential joy state.

Fast forward to 2016.  I was in a slow season of my life, or so I thought at the time, just prior to the Christmas season.

I turned on the TV and there was the Hallmark channel with all its love and snow and smiles and predictability.

I found myself tuned in for the first time and soon addicted to these elevated feelings of happiness and possibility.

Little did I know this was not a slow season for me. It was a lesson that I was faced with that could become a life changing pivot point or if I ignored it, I’d remain in the “That can never, ever happen for me!” mindset that I established based on my past.

It was time to get out of my past, be open to new possibilities and set my change into motion.

The first season I did a lot of crying. I mean a lot of crying. Crying is a form of healing and release. To be honest, I whaled a few times too.

This was positive healing for me.

I’ve since learned that I met my soul mate the October prior in a business setting and that soul recognition set my healing in motion. 

I saw him a handful of times throughout the next year, feeling the attraction, but neither of us crossing that line.

Then November 2017, with me recording & watching those lovely Hallmark movies again, I ran in to him in a public venue where we felt open to explore on a new level.

It was on then, and 3 years later we were married.

I watch the Hallmark movies every year now and I’m a believer. 

Practice being open to changes that you notice in your life, particularly those that cause resistance. Those are the ones that offer the greatest opportunity for growth and change.

This weeks’ action is to jot down notes when you feel a resistance to some thing, some one or some place. Look further into what’s happened or is happening that is causing your resistance.

Stay aware of the resistance level and only allow what resonates as a healing shift, avoiding those that put you in a situation that your intuition senses danger.

The shift will feel like a shedding of the skin. Shedding the past to open up new possibilities for your future. Healing through Resistance.

That’s my share for today!

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Thanks for listening. See ya next Tuesday!

Many Blessings,


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