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⚖️ How To Find Your Passion/Purpose Balance

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What are your passions?

What gives you chills as you talk about the act or process of doing what you love?

Is it nursing people or animals back to health? Caring for plants and flowers? Is it seeing a young mind expand as you teach them the art of writing their name? 

What is it that others praise you for?

Is it your cooking? Is it the way you motivate or offer a new perspective? Do you often hear, “Oh my, I love the way you decorate your house?” What is it that you are repeatedly complimented on by family, peers, or strangers? Take a close look.

Is this your passion? Your joy?

Some of us enjoy cooking and are extremely talented, however, if we had to do it every day, we’d lose our zest for creating delicious dishes.

Let’s say you are an excellent cook, and you were a straight A student in English Composition and love writing. Your niche may be writing a cookbook or magazine article for food magazines or the weekly recipe for the local newspaper or start a “Dear Betty Crocker” column or blog to guide others to create fabulous meals.

Apply that to someone that loves to take pictures and also loves to cook. Follow that line of opportunity.

Passion and purpose are different. Finding where they meet is a real joy.

Your purpose is less about “What” you love and all about “Why” you love what you’re doing.

'Purpose' is selfless and it’s a part of your identity. You may have many passions that float in and out of your interests. Your purposes will be few.

Find your truths. Why do you enjoy nursing people back to health? Why do you enjoy teaching a child to write? Answer from your heart. Dig deep into your core being and feel the truth of your “Why” answer.

Your Purpose "Why” answer is your truth when your heart expands as you say it or think it. It’s internal. It’s strong. It’s authentic.

Your passion is an interest that answers “What” you are doing.

For example, “I am teaching a preschooler to write her name” – passion.

“Witnessing my students’ joy in their accomplishments fills my heart” – purpose.

Blending the passion with the purpose is achieved by a few. Recognizing the difference is realized by few also.

How many times do we witness a college graduate, successful in their career, find themselves dissatisfied with their choice and change directions completely?

As you grow and your passions shift, you will follow new and exciting paths. Your “Why” is steady. Ask yourself your “Why” to live in purpose.

A blessing I’ve received is that I’ve found my passion/purpose balance. TWT is a piece of my living my passion/purpose, as are my books, courses and coaching.

Find your purpose/passion balance and make a plan to live it out. As you close out the year, it is a perfect time to plan your 2023 personal goals.

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