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❓ How To Separate Learned vs Authentic Behaviors

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At birth, we arrive in a pure state with full and complete trust that our needs will be met and that someone will be there continuously.

We have no doubt that all is good and being helpless is of no concern. All we had to do is yell and someone will answer. As a baby, we viewed the world as all-available and fully capable of providing exactly what we needed and desired.

There was no judgement, only trust. 

As we grow and move through life, we quickly conform.

There is so much drama, so much fear, so many opinions on how to behave, what to think, what to wear, who to be, especially now that social media is so popular. 

What about who we are?

Where did that go?

How were we molded over time?

Think about it: if we were to wipe away the thoughts instilled in us by our peers, parents, teachers and the ego, what would be left?

Our pure self, as open and innocent as we were at birth–and a beautiful opportunity to recreate ourselves. 

It would be nice to part ways with the brainwashing that may have, up until now, kept us from knowing who we are truly meant to be.

We cannot blame others. They did the best they could, as we have, and they acted according to the contracts we made with them.

The madness doesn’t have to continue.

Once we remove the blinders and experience the true self, we can reset and align with our truths. It’s a choice.

Start a self-discovery journal.

In it, write something simple, like “Clothing Style”. Ask yourself, “Does my style reflect me, or those around me? Do I adhere to what is expected, or do I place a hint of my own flare even when I need to conform to dress codes for work, exercise or social gatherings?” 

Other topics for consideration are your political and religious views and practices, how you relate to and converse with others and how you decorate your home. Examine the car you drive, the foods you eat and the words you say. Are they original or are you repeating a learned phrase or behavior? This is a big one so I’m going to repeat it. Are the words, phrases or opinions you express yours or are they learned behaviors?

Incorporate this self-evaluation into your daily life to reveal what is you and what is a learned behavior.

If you like what you are doing, keep at it; if not, adjust the pattern and rewrite it to reflect your beliefs. 

The importance of this exercise is to discover your inner self and live authentically.

Even if you change an aspect of yourself today to align with your identity, it will likely change again. We are ever-evolving souls. You will be focused when you are coming from an authentic place.

Even after you become aware of the learned behaviors, if it’s deeply embedded into your persona, it may take a lot of self-work to remove it or, you may not be willing to remove it at all. You also may discover that it is authentic.  It’s all a choice, right?

To continue your self-discovery, follow this link for more practices and keep the momentum flowing.

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