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πŸ“Ά How to Use a Pendulum For Spiritual ConnectionπŸ›œ

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Last week we talked about connecting with spirit guides. As a follow up, I thought we’d spend a few weeks practicing some of the ways to communicate with spirit and with our higher selves.

There are various methods to ask spirit for guidance, to check for balances and imbalances in the body or to just get a quick confirmation of your thoughts or direction.

This week I’m going to share with you how to use a pendulum.

Pendulums are popular and can be bought at crystal shops or online. Some healers use pendulums as healing tools to guide them to find the clients energetic blocks.

The one I have here is an amethyst crystal. I’ve had it for several years.

You can use almost anything. I’ve even used my necklace before. Anything that hangs freely and is weighted on the bottom will work. Always know the energy of the item you chose to use.

First, if you’re using a crystal, be sure to cleanse it before use to clear prior energies and reset the intention of your crystal.

Next, hold the pendulum steady in one hand, letting the weighted part hang freely.

Now ask, what does No look like? And see which way the pendulum swings.

What does yes look like? (Which way does it swing? Opposite direction?)

What does neutral look like?

Typically, yes is a horizontal movement, no is vertical and neutral is circular. Mine responds to my energy and yours will respond to your energy.

Practice with yours to determine how to read the answers.

Set your intention prior to starting.

For example, “It’s my intention to check for imbalances in my spiritual body” or “It’s my intention to communicate with my guardian angel” or whatever your intention is.

Ask multiple questions in relation to the topic, only one question at a time though. Be sure to stop the pendulum in between questions.

You can find additional information and demonstrations online.

If you’re interested in personal guidance, the pendulum is one way to get answers. You can also schedule a call with me, and we will practice together!

That’s my share for this week.

We will discover a different option for connecting next week.

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See you next week!

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