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🤷‍♀️ Indecisive? Easily Get Clear Answers To All Your Questions...Here's How...

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To add to our recent topics of connecting with Spirit and our Higher Selves, this week we are talking about accessing the internal intuition and how to access it for spiritual connection.

If you're looking for truth, clarity and directly aligned guidance, this is where it's at! You're personal internal intuition.

Intuition is Clear KNOWING – Psychic is Knowing

Clear knowing comes through the crown chakra, the top of the head, known as the 7th chakra. It is associated with the colors’ violet and white.

We are all born psychic & intuitive. Some are more aware of this ability. We can all access our All-Knowing and develop clarity by requesting, intention and practice.

Have you ever met someone, and you just know that they are a good person?

Have you walked into a room and felt something is off or uncomfortable or it felt very welcoming?

Have you foreseen something that actually came true?

 Clear knowing people are typically analytical, detail oriented, have their own sense of opinions & self-worth, are very black & white, very secure and have a hard time believing others.

Clear knowing is your Intuition. 

It is located in your solar plexus or 3rd chakra. The solar plexus is associated with the color yellow. It is your gut feeling. Information is received through your crown from you Higher Self.

Trusting your intuition, inner voice, assists with developing your clear knowing.  Your emotions can block the intuition. So, be careful to keep all emotions unattached and take your first of thought or original instinct as your truth. Once the mind or the emotions get involved, confusion sets in. The mind has its own agenda, and its goal is to keep you distracted so it can be in control rather than your true self, or beingness, having control. It’s quite tricky. All the time.


This weeks’ action is to connect to your Higher Self/Angels/ Guides/Source/God. Pick a topic that you would like information about. Write out or ask the question, paying particular attention to the flow of information streaming in and your “gut feelings”. You will sense a settling and an understanding surrounding the topic or scenario. The energy will shift to an uplifting, high energy feel. Hesitation, allowing the emotions and thoughts to interfere will have a lower vibrational feeling. Journal your answers.

If you’d like to learn more about how to connect with your divine self and guides and develop your spiritual senses, schedule a call with me HERE and we will get started. 

That’s my share for today! We will discover a different option for connecting next week.

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See you next week!

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