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🎄 Joy's vs Joyce - What are you joyful for this Christmas season?

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This week our topic is JOY. Tis the season for JOY!

Personally, I believe that year-round is the season for JOY.

I’d like to share a funny, family, JOY story with you this week.

When I’m in my hometown in Ky on a Sunday, I make it a point to attend the family church service. This is the church I was raised in and much of my family still goes there today.

One Sunday, a few years back, my daughter, granddaughter & I were sitting in the pew with my aunt, uncle and cousins when the pastor asked his weekly question.

“Does anyone have any JOYS to share this week?”

My Aunt Joyce raised her hand and shared that she was happy to have us with them this week.

Then two other ladies shared their joys for the week.

My granddaughter then whispered, “How many Joyce's are here?”

She thought the pastor was asking the Joyce’s in the congregation rather than the joys in the congregation.

That will be a fun family story for many years to come.

This week’s action, given that the joyful season of Christmas is upon us, is to take a few minutes, sit in quiet with a pencil and paper, and list your joys. You may have an Aunt Joyce that your joyful for to add to your list too!

I have so many joys and blessings that my heart overflows.

One of my joys is you, the listener. I’m honored that you hold space for me to share my thoughts with you each week. You listen without judgement and bless me with your feedback.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


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