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💹 My Life Plan! Who's In Charge Here?

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 Who is God anyway?

For me, God is a common reference as I was raised in a protestant home.

Some people use the word Source, Divine and other references.

No matter the label, we are all derived from the same energy source. We simply walk various seeking paths.

As I began my inner quest for the answers to life, I realized that God is within me. If God is within me, then who is in control of my destiny, my lessons, my goals, my existence? Surely, I get to have some input.

I’ve learned that I get to have all the input, with the assistance and guidance of many other souls and Angelic Beings. We set up a strategy or outline with unlimited options prior to incarnation.

Free will takes us down different paths so multiple options are necessary to direct us along the way. Since we get to create the lesson plan and we are direct drops of God light, we are the director and administrator of our promising plan.

Along the way of life, if we decide we are unhappy with how things are going, what can we do?

Simply rewrite the play. 

Ok, it’s not simple. It is entirely possible though.

Remember ever making pros and cons lists?

Make a list of people, places, activities and so on that serve and create the high on life joy that you deserve. On the other side, make a list of the low vibrational, pain in the neck, no fun or enjoyment, bring ya down B S that needs to go.

With that done. Now it’s action time.

Evict the bring ya down list and add more of the high on life list.

It will take planning. It may serve to shake the etch a sketch, clear it all out and start all over with a new direction, new actors and new scenery in the play.

No one knows what’s in your heart except you. Your joy is your responsibility and only you can make that change.

Fear will jump up and try to stop the shift. If you give in, you’ll stay stuck.  You’re strong and you are in charge of your destiny. 

Make your pros & cons list today and make a plan for change, one baby step at a time.

Remember, ‘It’s your damn life!’ live it your way.

Schedule a call with me HERE and we can start a plan together to create the life you desire and deserve.

That’s my share for today!

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