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🛑 Stop the Routine & Achieve Your Personal Goals

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You rob yourself of your NOW, present, when you are in routine. Your today becomes your yesterday. Your tomorrow becomes your today. Your today is non-existent when your focus is on the past or future.  Nothing happens, if nothing happens. 

Say it out loud… “Nothing Happens, If Nothing Happens!”

Sounds a little Dr. Seussish doesn’t it?

Most of us would enjoy a life where everything magically just falls right in our laps. And then, wouldn’t it be nice if someone was standing by to sort it all out for us. And then, how good would it be if all we had to do was speak and our desires came to life. And then, wouldn’t it be great if we could reap the benefits of this magical manifestation?

Unfortunately, that scenario is quite the opposite of how we get things accomplished in this life.

If you go to bed thinking the same thoughts you wake up to, (ex: past, pain, fear, what you have to do, etc.), your life becomes routine. Same, same, same = same results over and over, with no chance for getting out of that fear state or pain struggle or past regret.

Your thoughts create your reality. 

It is like watching a rerun on TV, day after day after day. Does it ever change? Are the characters, the scenery, the scenario ever different? No. It’s the same every time.

You may pick up on a different line, background, pun or humor that you didn’t quite catch when you watched it yesterday, but overall, the story remains the same. That’s how life is. It’s a rerun day after day after day unless….. 

“You interrupt this program for an important message!” 

What’s your message going to be? How are you going to interrupt your life program and implement change for yourself? 

How many days are you going to spend thinking about all the things you're going to accomplish? Days turn into weeks…Weeks into years…Years into a lifetime. One day you wake up and think, “What the hell have I been doing? Look at all the time I’ve wasted!”

Are you going to just say, “Well, it’s too late now” or “If only...blah blah blah..” Or are you going to wake up, refocus and start your life anew? It’s never too late to take control of your you.

We are all natural procrastinators. Staying in this stagnant state can lead to many disappointments. This does not have to be your story. It’s all a choice. Everything is a choice. Life is meant to live in joy and personal abundance! 

If you spend time weaving a tangled web, the untangling will not happen overnight. The important thing is to get started.

So how do you achieve your wants and desires?

How do you answer the call to life?

It's simple…. Get Off Your Duff And Make A Plan!

Who has your best interest in mind? Why you, of course!

Every day brings about a new flourish of self-respect.

Here’s this weeks’ action.

Write out a list of the typical day in the life of you. Your regular routine. The short story.

List the extras that are in the background all the time. Ex: body pain, family or friend relationship thoughts, special interest projects, desires for yourself, etc.

Pick one from the above list to focus on developing or removing.

Now it’s time to recreate the energy around it. Remember, your thoughts create your reality. 

Write out the current version of your thought. Ex. - “My back hurts all the time.”, “I’d love to learn how to paint.”, “I wish I had time to write a fiction novel.”, or “I’m so tired of my sister taking me for granted. She doesn’t appreciate or acknowledge me.” Whatever you choose to focus on. One at a time though.

Recreate the positive spin statement that shifts the vibe for yourself. When you catch the thought running through your mind, stop and redirect it to the new thought. Whether it’s true or not, redirecting the energy stops the automatic and begins the reversal. Ex. - “My back is feeling stronger every day.”, “I’m going to start painting canvas floral pictures.”, “I am a fictional writer with plenty of time to create.”, “My sister and I love and respect one another as we are.”

Write the first step required to get into motion.

Next, Set the start date: _____________

Then, write the next step to reach your goal. Keep it simple and start with quick, easy baby steps to begin to shift your thoughts, time and motivation. 

Continue to set baby steps for yourself. Remember to continue replacing the negative thought when it arises with the new positive statement.

Ex. - Back Pain 

 Step 1 - simple, easy back stretches

 Step 2 - add a new back stretch or increase the resistance of the beginner stretch.

 Step 3 - investigate self-healing modalities, healing meditations, etc. and implement a practice

  Ex. - Painter 

 Step 1 - designate a corner space in your house for painting.

 Step 2 - order a small set of brushes & paints, one canvas and any other starter supplies and place them in the designated space.

Step 3 - start painting or sign up for a beginners’ art class nearby.

Keep a log of your goals and progress. 

Mark your calendar with the timeline for your goals and set the reminder alarm/alarms on your phone to keep yourself on track. 

If you practice the "Meridian Enlightenment 'ME' Energy Healing", a healing session will support any of these goals. 

It’s all about you honoring you. You are making a change for you. Choose you. You're worth it!

Follow the ‘ME’ link above to check out the 5 simple techniques you can start today to support the changes you desire for yourself.

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Many Blessings!

Tearhsa Wilder

Author, Teacher & Conscious Living Mentor

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