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🦃 Thankfulness - How Do You Experience Thanksgiving?

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Two days till Thanksgiving!

The day when we cook enough food to feed the whole neighborhood, stuff ourselves full and then sleep it off.

For my family, this day also means after dinner games, goofing off with each other and friends at the table too.

I’d like to share a family tradition with you.

At our dinner table, once we’ve made our plates and everyone is at the table, we hold hands to create a circle. This creates an energetic bond. Then we go around the table and everyone has an opportunity to share what they are thankful for. There are tears, laughter and most of all, a heart-to-heart connection between each one of us. Everyone is heard, everyone speaks from the heart and everyone experiences receiving love from the circle.

This is my favorite part about Thanksgiving. That, and the dumplings of course.

I love hearing what each one of us brings forward from year to year and I love the deep connection that I get to make with everyone, individually and collectively.

Do you have traditions to share with us? Your traditions may add to our family’s gathering and maybe you will add mine to yours.  

This week’s action is simply to reflect on all that you are thankful for and be open to sharing your thoughts with those around you.

That’s my share for today!

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Have a blessed Thanksgiving! See ya next Tuesday!


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