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⚕️ The 5/5 Plan to Better Health

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 The 5/5 Plan is the 5 Reasons to take control of your personal health followed by the 5 simple ways to get there.

First, the 5 reasons to take control of your personal health.

Reason #1 – Simply existing and participating in daily life can leave you feeling off balance. With all the noises, people, emotions flying around, worries & fears passing through the mind, environment around you, food you eat, air you breathe, absolutely everything that occurs during each day can leave you feeling like a piece of wet lasagna on a treadmill.

Reason #2 – Then there’s pain. Physical pain. Is it your knee, your arm, your back, maybe it’s your gut churning away or you’ve caught a cold or virus, Maybe, it’s much worse and you’ve developed a disease or even born with something incurable. Maybe you ache or suffer and haven’t even found a doctor that can identify what is happening to you!

Reason #3 – Emotional Baggage. This begins to accumulate at birth. You easily become emotionally attached to people, places, conversations, wants & needs, again, virtually everything you come in contact with or think, have an emotion attached and then you either let it go or deepen the connection. The deeper the connection, the bigger the challenge to release.

Reason #4 – The ego mind keeps you chasing your tail and in overwhelm, constantly distracting you, lying to you about who you truly are, what you are capable of, who you can trust, and deceiving you about what is even possible for you. The ego mind of destruction has one goal and that is to be in charge. It does this by keeping you busy with the mind chatter, that way you stay disconnected from your divine line where only the truth of you exists.

Reason #5 – Disconnection. Disconnection from yourself, disconnection from God/Source/Universe, disconnection from the truth of your beingness and your birthright of living in your physical body with access to your divine self and gifts.

Now, the answers. The 5 simple ways to get there on your own.

1st  – Find your center being. The internal you that has control over how you exist in this world. The no longer a piece of wet lasagna on a fast-moving treadmill, I can breathe, sit still within myself, feel the earth pulling me and grounding me to myself and the universal bliss holding me high in connection with all that is version of yourself that you deserve to be.

2nd – The body knows what is required to heal. When you get a cut or a break doesn’t your body naturally take over and heal itself? Do you witness your skin regenerating and your bones mending? Listen to your body. Get in touch with your intuition. Ask your body questions about your health, about the foods you choose, about the pain you may be experiencing, ask your body then listen and feel what your gut tells you.

3rd – Cut the Crap. You know what works for you and what does not serve you. You also know who and what brings you joy and who and what brings you down. Do an evaluation check. When you experience unhappiness, feel small in a situation, experience fear, step back and look from a different perspective. What or who is causing this reaction? How long are you going to deem this as acceptable? What are you going to do to cut it from your life and when?

4th – Stop it! Just stop all that mind chatter. It’s unnecessary and non-deserving of your time! Don’t say, “Oh I’ve tried, and meditation just doesn’t work for me!”. Yes, it will if you make the choice and practice. Calm is not something you order online; it shows up at your door and magically just is. Every aspect of life is a decision. Decide that you are stronger and more worthy than the BIG DISTRACTION that is occurring and controlling your every thought. Then, take action. Sit for a couple minutes a day with a 5-minute guided meditation to get started.

5th – This one is a summation of the others and add gratitude and prayer. Getting centered within yourself, addressing your bodily pain directly and intuitively, taking control of your emotional attachments and shutting down the brain chatter makes space for just being. Being. You are a human being, right? All the pain, emotion & chatter is the human acting up. What about your being? Be still within. Spend a few minutes in gratitude, in prayer and inside yourself to learn who you truly are.

Have you ever met your true self? It took me years to choose myself, step up, clear up the yuck and muck I had created over my lifetime and get the nerve to finally introduce myself to myself. And guess what? I really, really like her! She’s not at all who I had made her up to be!

Dedicate yourself to yourself. You’re deserving of your own time, efforts and energy for sure.

Start your 5/5 plan to better health right now!

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See ya next Tuesday!

Much Love & Blessings,


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