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πŸ”ΌπŸ”½ Upwords/Downwords - Clear Away Sneaky Words and Redirect Your Mood

Mar 07, 2023

What we claim we are. 

Do you know that words carry energy? 

We speak, hear, read and think these energies all day long, absorbing the vibrations into our own energy fields. Once these energies are in our energetic space, it becomes a part of us.

Let’s choose an Upword. 


Say it out loud…”Powerful”.

Do you feel the fullness surface as you say it?

Do you notice the shift of frequencies within your body?

What do you visualize?

Where do your thoughts take you?

Let’s choose another word.


Say it out loud… “Dazzling”.

Now what? Do you get a happy chill or picture a bright, sparkling light or diamond?

Maybe your thoughts go straight to an outfit you saw on Entertainment Tonight.

Words are Powerful & Dazzling!

Flipping now to Downwords. By saying downwords, the heaviness begins to set in already.

They can also be Ugly & Disrespectful.

Do you feel that? YUCK! Saying these two words feels like a film of muckiness is covering the whole body. 

There are many downwords that we all use in our daily conversations that go unrecognized and carry negative vibrations.

For example: don’t, but, should, can’t, need.

Google it! You’ll be amazed at how many common, naturally spoken and written words carry a negative undertone and set us up for doubt, guilt, even failure. It’s a challenge to stay clear from them there’s so many.

How do we shift these from our vocabulary?

It takes lots and lots of practice and lots and lots of focus and lots and lots of self-dedication to shift our thoughts, words and environment. 

Cleaning up the mind and mouth words is one way to reverse the negative energies. 

What about what we are inviting into our energy field?

This consists of everything that we choose to surround ourselves with to include people we interact with, places we go, food we eat, TV and social media, books of choice, hobbies we choose, on and on and on, absolutely everything and everybody we attract and invite in.

This weeks’ action is to pick a word to shift from your vocabulary that has the heaviest impact on you and depletes you daily. 

Place all your focus on that one word and list the ways you use it in your daily conversation to notice how often and in what context you are using it.

Make a list of replacement words that are of a higher vibration. 

Eliminate the word by reversing the thought prior to saying it out loud and using the replacement words you’ve listed. Practice saying the words or phrases so that you are comfortable with it.

Take action to extract this energy from your space by writing down the steps that will take you from negative to positive and follow through for you.

Notice the statement that may follow your word. Is it a pretense to a negative thought or statement? Like, “Your hair looks beautiful today, BUT, I like it better when you wear it down”. The latter half of the statement totally squashed the compliment.

Take action now to gain control of your internal and external joy. 

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Many Blessings!

Tearhsa Wilder

Spiritual Mentor, Teacher & Author

The Souls Harmony

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