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️⃣️📣 What & Who Are Spirit Guides with 6 Tips To Start Communicating.

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 Spiritual guidance comes in many different forms. This is not the same as your inner guidance of connecting to your Higher Self. All guides work from the light of Source. 

Some are constant throughout your lifetime; others come and go. Depending on your auric makeup, your incarnate lessons, energetic vibration, in general, every part of you, your plan, your choices, and what you request.

 Here is a list of some of the guides that we interact with.

  • Angels, Archangels, Master Angels
  • Ascended Masters, Deities
  • Deceased Relatives, Ancestors, Past Life Relationships
  • Lightworkers & Healers, on and on

How do I tap into this resource?

Practice and intention. This is earth school, and our guides are like our teachers, except we aren’t listening. They are sending signs, nudging us back on the right path, whispering in our ear, reaching out to us constantly, arranging opportunities.

We aren’t listening because part of the incarnate agreement is to wipe the memory clean when we get here.

If we remember everything, that would make doing our lessons easy. What kind of knowledge and growth could we achieve that way? Since we don’t remember our guides when we come to this reality show called life, they are constantly banging on the chalkboard, and we have our head down on the desk napping. 

Everything and everyone are vibrational energy. Humans vibrate at a much denser vibrational level than spirit. Different spirits vibrate on various levels. In order to communicate, we are required to raise our vibration. 

Below are six ways to open communication with your guides.

  • Listening to high vibrational music during meditation.
  • Using a pendulum or muscle testing to ask questions.
  • Practice automatic writing
  • Oracle cards 
  • Ask your guides for specific signs in relation to your questions.
  • Do a meditative session and ask your guides to come forward. 

Do I have to agree? Will I be disciplined? Receive pressure or be rushed?

No to all three questions.

Freewill is a part of the human experience. This is an individual journey, your journey. You choose the options that resonate with you.

There is no discipline in love.

You are guided by and through love.

The only judgment will be your own.

When choices create a negative vibration, there are karmic lessons in this lifetime, other lifetimes, and even in spirit, that we place upon ourselves to learn and grow.

There is no pressure. Again, your journey, your choices. If you are feeling like a sponge, accelerate your learning, if you desire a day, a year, or the rest of your life off, take it.  

Can guides intrude?

Guides will step in when danger is in your path that does not align with your intentions for this life.

For example, let’s say you are in an accident, and it is not your time to transition to spirit, your guides may protect you from harm.

They will place signs, messages, people in your path to direct you back on track. Your free will takes you from experience to experience, your guides are nearby to assist, hold your hand and create opportunities for you. We may not be aware of the messages or signs. We may see them and ignore them also (freewill choices). 

Guides will not infringe on your free will.

That’s my share for this week.

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Happy New Year!


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