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Feb 28, 2023

 Negative Self-Talk is the story you tell yourself every second of your life. 

It’s the judgement, assumptions, habitual sayings or responses, unrealistic thoughts about what is happening in your life that takes you down the road to unhappiness. 

The ego mind automatically begins to ‘Make Up’ stories, here’s some examples:

  • what someone else is thinking example (“She thinks I don’t know what I’m talking about.”)
  • how they will react ex (“My Mom’s going to flip!”)
  • by attaching negative words to ourselves like (“I’m so stupid!”)
  • kicking ourselves, (“I should have done better.”)
  • making up excuses, (“I’ll start my diet tomorrow, Monday is the best day to start a new diet.”)
  • big one here, playing small, (“I went to the gym today, but I could have worked out harder.”)
  • blowing things out of proportion ex, (I have a fever. I probably have pneumonia. I’ll probably end up in the hospital and die!”)
  • or when the car breaks down, (“Bad things always happen to me!”)
  • when your size 6 jeans are a little snug, (“I’m so fat!”)

The list of bad mouthing yourself can go on and on forever! I’m sure you can think of a handful of lies you told yourself in the last 15 minutes. 

What’s the truth? The truth is:

  • You can’t read someone else's mind
  • You can’t predict how someone will react.
  • You’re not stupid.
  • You can start your diet right now.
  • You went to the gym today!
  • Fevers happen due to many causes, it’s probably a minor infection.
  • Everyone has car problems.
  • Size 6 is small!

In psychology, what you think determines what you feel. Therefore, in order to change how you feel, it is essential to change how you think.

Emphasize this…in order to change how you feel, it is essential to change how you think.

Brushing your hair, starting the car, putting on your socks before your shoes, these are all automatic physical actions that are done without thinking, right?

Did you learn these actions at some point in your life? Yes.

Then you began to tell yourself to do them until they just became automatic or a ‘learned behavior’, which is a thought that brought the action to life. 

That’s how thoughts take control of everyday life! 

The thoughts form habits.

How do you get out of this endless mental state of self-sabotage?

Retrain the Brain.

Change your thoughts and you will change your habits.

This will result in a change in the outcome you produce for yourself. 

The mind is a powerful and tricky tool. Use it to your advantage. You will learn how to “Tame the Tongue” which is the first step to calming the mind chatter in the IMDL Easy Button course.

This weeks’ action is to download this FREE IMDL Course, which is normally $37 and commit to doing the 4 short modules in the course.

Do it for yourself! This is a really great space to get started clearing away drama.

That’s my share for today! If you know someone that you think may be interested in listening in, please tag them in the feed! Or… maybe you know someone that would be interested in the course??? Feel free to share the links with them!

Take your first step to calming your mind chatter by downloading the FREE IMDL Course now.

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Until next week… thanks for ‘being’ with me!

Many Blessings!

Tearhsa Wilder

Spiritual Mentor, Teacher & Author

The Souls Harmony

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