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💡 Where To Find Your Inspiration In The Spirit World

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All souls go to the same place, but not the same place in the Spirit World.

Ex: the ocean is one big body of water, so one in the same, but the Atlantic is one area and the Mississippi River is another, etc., etc.

There are infinite vibrations, levels & planes to the Spirit World, like the waters seem forever, so does the Spirit World – ex: one drop of earth’s water may equal one soul in spirit world.  Limitless right?

Souls vibrate at varying rates – Mother Teresa VS Hitler and many in between.

When you die, the etheric cord, located near your navel, is severed. Where you are vibrating with love at that moment determines where your soul goes. You are met by familiar faces for escorting you to the other side.

Spirit doesn’t see one as good & one as bad, they are all just different.  There are many levels.  It is all interdimensional – not Up or Down. In the same space and each is real world to those that are in it.


This is where you are now and where you are when you leave the physical. Similar, yet different; it is reality as you feel it to be. You attract those who vibrate at the same frequency. It is similar to earth, so you are not shocked, trees/ houses/ parks/ buildings/ games. It is a mental world though.  All created by thought.  It's creative. You can fulfill your earthly dreams here: i.e., painting, music, etc.

The beliefs you have here are reflected in your surroundings, your reality. You will be surrounded by like-minded souls: ex, Christians/Atheists/New Age. You continue to expand & grow even in the after world.

All in the Astral World is love. You do have a life review of thoughts, deeds & the impact you’ve had on others.  You are judged by yourself here. Where you go here is not determined by your wealth & power here on earth.  It is determined by your heart and your love, just because you live simple or elaborate here does not mean that is your same surroundings in the Astral World.

A hateful, judgmental heart faces the same fate. A loving, open, giving heart faces parallel fate. How you impact others here raises your vibrations on the other side. The thoughts and prayers of those you leave behind increase your vibration also.

Even here on earth you attract those who vibrate on the same level. Keep your thoughts high, it’s the Law of Attraction.

THE ETHEREAL WORLD (aka the Thought Plane)  

Souls may reincarnate from the Astral World or may move up to the Ethereal World. Ethereal is a higher vibration. Those in the Ethereal World are pure of thought and send inspiration and thoughts to the Astral World.

To come here, a soul has reached a point of purity of mind & thought & are connected through inspiration.

Inspirational Thoughts are sent from the Ethereal World to the Astral Plane.  It’s made up of pure consciousness.

This is the home of your Higher Self. Which you use for your mental self, your wisdom.

The teachings of Abraham from Ester Hicks - The Law of Attraction are channeled from this realm.

A Course in Miracles from Jane Roberts also.

Even if a soul is in the Ethereal World, it is not limited and can divide it consciousness.  It is not controlled by space or time.  It is all thought.

Souls can choose to incarnate from this realm also.

THE CELESTIAL WORLD (aka the Angelic Plane)

This is for souls that are highly elevated spiritually, Angels, Archangels, Masters, Prophets like Jesus & Buddha. 

These souls act as conduits from God’s Love to the other realms. Most have never walked earth. Some have, Elijah/Enoch/Moses/Jesus.  They are so bright & full that we humans see them with wings & halos.

These souls are connected to all life. Aka “The Bliss Level”

Divine Love & Joy only exist here. Pure Oneness.  All are of one consciousness, no division.  This level of consciousness asks for nothing, only existence is pure love.

This is the energy of the Universe.

This soul has reached the path to love, yet still evolving and gives to all who ask, sending God’s love to other realms and blessings and gifts of guidance and knowledge to the Astral World.

You are able to connect to any and all levels of consciousness to ask for guidance.

Use your discernment to determine whether the connection you are making is from a pure light source and therefore aligned with your higher good.

You can test the spirits as often as you want by asking for their origin.

Uplifting feelings are higher frequencies.

Heavy, dense or anxious feelings are lower frequencies. Only the lower energy forms get irritated.

Higher vibrational beings have patience.

During your meditation time, focus on connecting to each level of consciousness.

How did your connection feel?

Did you receive a message?

What level of clarity did you discern?

What feelings/emotions were stimulated?

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