Elena R.

This course is simple and it works! I saw the difference immediately in my life. 

Sara B.

I now have more joy and direction in my life. This course is the answer! 

Janice D.

Love feeling happy, content, and like I have more control in my life. 

You know you desire to have love, health, a successful job, and every other joy that can be had, but do you know that...


You Deserve It! 


There you are, living the routine life that has been developed around you, chasing your tail from day to day and from task to task, mentally promising yourself that tomorrow is your day to change or resigning yourself to believe it's not a reality for you. 


Let me ask you a few questions...

  • Are you fed up with all the drama and negativity that's appearing in your life and running through your head?
  • Do you look for divine intervention & guidance to show you a new perspective on how to shift into alignment with your true being?
  • Does your daily routine lack satisfaction and you're ready to spend every day doing what you love?


If this sounds like you, I’ve got GREAT NEWS!

This incredible life is possible for you with just a few simple daily shifts.

You can take control and live with intention and joy!


"It's Your Damn Life!" 

Join the many who have made the choice to live life on their terms.


Hit the easy button to get started now...  


If you think that personal peace and power are for a select few, think again. Everyone has this capability. It is a Divine Right and you have every available resource to reach your fullest state of self within.




Introducing a 4-step simple process that will change your life. It will have you waking up every day and CHOOSING YOU!


What makes me the authority on what’s available to you?

I made it happen for me and if a small-town Kentucky girl living in her self-created hell hole of a life can transform to a successful, ecstatically grateful, seen, and loved like it’s a dream, new version of a woman…





By spending my years working through all the messiness, I’ve discovered the shortcut for you.



  • Start a self-healing practice

  • Master a Powerful Mindset

  • Channel Your Spiritual Guidance

  • Live Your Life Purpose NOW


The details are inside. All you need to do is hit the easy button and jump into living the life of your dreams.


I’ve witnessed my clients who use my 4-step system leave their unfulfilling, non-directional, haphazard lives behind and find a peace-FULL, rewarding, love-balanced new essence for life!


And the best part is, the path could not be any simpler or more accessible to you!


It’s right here, waiting for you to CHOOSE YOU! 

It doesn't take decades or even years to reach the point of living in your brilliance.

You don’t need anyone’s permission.

This life is your personal journey.

It takes YOU saying YES to YOU!


One choice. One voice.


Heal Your Life! 

I made the choice to heal my life. And you can too! In this self-study course, I'll teach you 4 powerful healing techniques to relieve pain and empower you. NOW is the time to take control of your life!


I’m talking about recreating the YOU that YOU deserve.


One that : 

  • Speaks to the heart of your authentic self.

  • Aligns your desires with your daily life.

  • Taps into your internal Divinity with clarity.

  • Drives you to live out loud.


Why is this the quick-fix process that will take you from pissed off to peace-full?


Here’s why:

  • It sets you up with the shortest path to strengthen your inner power.

  • It leads you to look beyond the blinders that are blocking you from moving forward now.

  • It offers perspective on a new energetic level for soul growth.

  • It takes the pain out of figuring it all out on your own.

  • It prompts action to shift the old ways out to make room for your newly designed self.

  • It brings you to a place of knowing for self-discovery.

  • It answers all the questions of how, why, when.

  • It opens up space for you to heal yourself.


Then, and only then, can you break through the lies that have consumed your past to live in self-truth, self-worth, and a clear vision of self.


The good news is, I guarantee you that you already have everything inside of you to get there on your own. But, wouldn’t it be much easier to walk the path of these 4 steps to shorten the journey and ease the growing pains?


The even better news is, I’ve discovered this 4-step process already, created the shortcut for you and I’ll be right there beside you, guiding you, cheering you on, and holding the space for you to flourish.


It's My Damn Life Course gives you the answers you've been longing for.  


What are you waiting for?!




Activate Your True Brilliance Now

Are you ready to live in your power? Let's Zoom chat to discover and clear your biggest block that keeps your from your self-goals through this 'Energetic Heart Activation'. Post call, you'll also receive a personalized Living In Your Brilliance Blueprint!


Can I share my peace-full & powerful new me with you?

Right now, I’m sitting in my new home that I built all by myself six years ago, on my mustard-colored leather sofa, with a brown Lincoln SUV in my garage. I just ate a delicious meal prepared by the absolute most perfect soul mate (which I ordered up from the Universe and he was delivered exactly as I asked), and I have more blessings than I ever imagined a girl could dream up.

P.S. We got married! 

I’m so crazy in love and happier in my skin than I’ve ever been in my 58 years.

Yes! There’s life after 50!

I’ve published two spiritual self-help books, one affirmation card deck, and began teaching my beautiful Universe-gifted Meridian Enlightenment (ME) Energy Healing Modality (where my self-healing began) to people just like you.

Over the years, I have also developed online certifications, courses, and coaching programs as guidance tools to diminish the growing pains of the human experience and expand the connection with the all-knowing within.

Am I puffing myself up?

Hell, yes I am!

I’ve worked hard to get here!

I made a choice back in 2009 while I was on my bedroom floor melting and I chose ME!

I drew a line in the dirt and said, “It’s My Damn Life!”


You’ve always known you were born to live with purpose and have a joy-filled daily life.

You have the inner power to create change in alignment with your desires. Being the true, connected, loved and loving person that you are will ripple out all around you.


Let me guide you to live in your brilliance and claim the blissful new you that awaits.


Witnessing the healings the breakthroughs and the brilliance of those that do their self-work stimulates a natural high in me. It’s my desire to see every one of us living in our brilliance. 


We are all pure, knowledgeable, and capable of seeing beyond the human world we have created around us.


Go Within…     

Heal Yourself For Yourself...  

Love The Life You Live…

It's Your Damn Life!


It can be a tough decision to make. However, it's a journey that only you can choose to make. No one can do it for you. 



I am right here by your side.

Make the choice.


You’re So Worth It!

Claim it… Say it!



Now, say it like you REALLY mean it...




Go ahead. Don't hesitate! Press the button and take action...