Do you wish you had the secrets to healing your pain or anguish?

For most of my life, I wished that too. Then my life profoundly changed. 

It’s 2009 and I’m living in my single-wide mobile home in a park in South Carolina. 

A few short months ago I was living in a typical three-bedroom, two-bath ranch, making $82,000 in my first year with my new company as a sales rep and finishing first in my state in sales. I had just celebrated my daughter’s wedding with family and friends and thought I had my life under control.

Pfft! Who was I kidding? Obviously only myself. It had been a real sucky path to this point. I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do, meanwhile, turning my back on myself, making up excuses in spite of the truth, and choking down the pain.

Wait…there’s yet another level that kicks me right between the eyes! Since I didn’t catch on to who I was truly meant to be in this phase of life so far, I had another round of dredging in the muck. Let’s see if I get it this time?

I was injured during a chiropractic appointment, leaving me with my left arm up above my head for 2 months. Pain pills, pain shots, physical therapy, dependency on family members to even shower and get to doctor appointments. Finally, I was told that surgery was the only relief for me.

By this time, both my arms went up. Do it! Whatever it takes to get me out of this excruciating pain so I can go back to what I thought was normal.

I had surgery. A successful surgery.

Three days later came the shock of the tragic death of a family member. 

Hubby left his job to tend to his brothers’ life closure and family. Followed by his two-year healing through the pain process.

By now it’s all a blur. 

Short sale the house.

Voluntary repo on both cars.

Dump the $40,000 in credit card debt.

Default on a $25,000 signature loan.

Let's skip ahead... shorten what is a story within itself and say that sitting here in my single-wide, another 10 years later, my marriage still sucked and I was a lost, lonely, scared, shrunken version of myself. 

Everything Sucked!


I’m on the bedroom floor, whaling from my gut till I puke, sitting in my misery, disappointed in myself and the slobbering heap of worthlessness I’d become, SCREAMING…








The quicksand of VICTIMHOOD! That was my life viewpoint. I was sporting the “Poor Me” blinders. If I’d truly been seen, I would have won an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role! It was a red-carpet-worthy performance. 

At that moment life stood still. 

I wanted to disappear. I just wanted to bail out and call it a loss. 

After gagging on my life and mentally and emotionally kicking the $h!t out of myself, I had my awakening-to-me breakthrough moment


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The biggest shift began...

...for me with my practice of self-healing. Taking control of my personal self was the start of my revolution. My personal space was the only thing I had even a remote bit of say-so about. So that’s where I started... I started changing ME. And although it might not feel like it right now, YOU CAN TOO!

That’s the beginning and well… the beauty that I’m blessed to call my life is happening right now! I strongly believe that you can have a better life too.

These years of rewriting my life story gave me experience and an opportunity to show others, like me, a short cut to a happy, self-serving, soul connected life.

I’m not saying that my way is guaranteed, skip through the daisy field with the wind blowing through your hair, happily ever after sure-shot. I am saying that the format I teach if applied, will get you off that floor and change your life. Only you can guarantee your happy ending.

How can you do that?

Show up for yourself every day. I mean every day. Make the choice to focus on your truths. Use the tools I’m sharing here to recreate the harmony you deserve.

Commit to yourself and do your self-work. That’s your happily ever after guarantee. 

Believe me, you and I are well worth the extra effort. 

Take a chance on yourself and click the button to heal yourself alongside me. I promise YOU ARE WORTH IT. 


Heal Your Life! 

I made the choice to heal my life. And you can too! In this self-study course, I'll teach you 5 powerful healing techniques to relieve pain and empower you. NOW is the time to take control of your life!


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May I share another story with you?

Right now, I’m sitting in my new home that I built all by myself six years ago, on my mustard-colored leather sofa, with a brown Lincoln SUV in my garage. I just ate a delicious meal prepared by the absolute most perfect soul mate, (which I ordered up from the Universe and he was delivered exactly as I asked :-), and I have more blessings than I ever imagined a girl could dream up.

P.S. We recently got married! 

I’m so crazy in love and happier in my skin than I’ve ever been in my 58 years.

Yes! There’s life after 50!

I’ve published two spiritual self-help books, one affirmation card deck, and began teaching this beautiful Universe-gifted Meridian Enlightenment (ME) Energy Healing Modality (where my self-healing began) to people just like you.

Over the years, I have also developed online certifications, courses, and coaching programs as guidance tools to diminish the growing pains of the human experience and expand the connection with the all-knowing within.

Am I puffing myself up?

Hell, yes I am!

I’ve worked hard to get here!

I made a choice back in 2009 while I was on that bedroom floor melting and I chose ME!

Kathleen C.

I have been studying healing practices for over 30 years. Because of using the ME program, my experience in working with my personal Spirit Team has been fabulous, simple, and easy to implement into my life. I love that I can quickly get answers from my Spirit Team when I need them and I see immediate results. I used the practices that are in the ME program to discover a personal lifestyle health plan and a financial increase plan. They are really working well for me! My Spirit Team showed me a clear plan and I am having success. 

Hilarie C.

The “ME” energy is a simplistic tool for your own personal growth and expansion, allowing you to transform from the inside out to create the life you desire. By using this tool, I am able to take any life challenge and heal it at any level with a few simple steps and intentions. It’s quick, easy, and effective. 


Leah R.

I absolutely cannot believe the impact this course has already had on my life. I have tried meditating in the past and have always found myself feeling discouraged, distracted, and confused. This course gave me the information and inspiration I needed to relax, ground, connect, and open to receive. Meridian Enlightenment (ME) works! I can't wait to continue healing ME with ME, so that I can eventually be in a place to guide and heal others.

Witnessing the healings...

...the breakthroughs and the brilliance of those that do their self-work stimulates a natural high in me. It’s my desire to see every one of us living in our brilliance. 

We are all pure, knowledgeable and capable of seeing beyond the human world we have created around us.

Go Within…      Heal Your ME… 

           Learn How To Love The Life You Live…

It’s a journey.

A tough journey. 

A journey that only you can choose to make. No one will do it for you. 

I KNOW you can do it! 

Make the choice.


You’re So Worth It!

Claim it… Say it!


Now, Say It Like You REALLY Mean It!