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Sacred Soul Alignment

As a Healer, Channel and Intuitive, I am able to see where you are blocked energetically.  I receive downloads, visions and messages from Archangel Raphael, the White Light Healers & my Spirit Guides to clear away energy that is keeping you stuck and align your body and mind with your soul blueprint. My connection to this angelic energy originated from my Universe gifted "Meridian Enlightenment 'ME' Energy Healing" modality which I have been utilizing for over a decade.

As the 'Healer of Hearts', my goal is to serve as the facilitator and messenger to align the mental, emotional and physical with the souls' original blueprint by releasing the energy of trauma, fear and suffering in body and spirit to restore your health, heart-centered love and personal power, creating the change you desire with clear direction and self-FULL-fillment. 

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1 Hour
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10-Pk Session


(10) 1 Hour Sessions
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Interested in trying a MINI SESSION to get started?

In a mini session, we will also identify each area in need of attention, however, only one will be addressed/healed. The selected area will be determined by spirit based on what will serve your highest good at this time.

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Tearhsa's ability to see and move the energies so quickly has brought me the relief I've been needing for years.
I have autoimmune issues causing inflammation, aches and pains and have even come close to losing my eyesight. 
With her help, I'm able to move more freely, sleep through the night and I experience a higher level of energy. - K.T.


The 'ME' energy healing birthed the true ME that was there all along, hiding behind the mask my human-self created.

The mask is created, layer upon layer, from every encounter we have, every thought we think and every place we go. Pretty soon, there are so many layers that our true ME gets lost and unidentifiable. We are mixed up in all of life’s muck, making it difficult to decipher what is truly ours and what are learned behaviors we’ve picked up along the way to NOW. 

The human in each of us, when left in control, runs rampant. This keeps us confused and busy with non-truths to the point that there is no time to be our real ME. We struggle to keep up with the imitator on the outside, rather than living from the inside.

The 'ME' energy focuses on peeling those layers back, shifting out the lower vibrations to reveal the joy that is our original blueprint. 


  • Reclaim Your Authority & Take Ownership of Your Personal Power
  • Mentally Focused
  • Heightened Intuition
  • Pain Is Gone
  • Regain Self-Respect
  • Drama Free
  • Past Guilt Is Gone
  • Less Anxiety
  • Genuine & Aligned
  • More Energetic
  • Improved Relationships


  • explanation of Spirit connection and what the healing and viewing will entail
  • you will share any intentions/requests if you choose to
  • soul connection through a heart portal from myself to you
  • full body scan to identify & address/heal each area of concern
  • I take detailed notes of messages received, actions taken, etc. to share with you post session
  • disconnect the heart portal when complete
  • information share, questions and final message from Spirit


You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more FULL-filled life. 

Single Session - $88, Multi Pk Discounted

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